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1. Of uncertain stability; in a condition to pass into another phase when slightly disturbed, for example, water, when cooled below the freezing point may remain liquid but will immediately congeal if a piece of ice is added.
2. Denoting the excited condition of the nucleus of a radionuclide isomer that reaches a lower energy state by the process of isomeric transition decay without changing its atomic number or weight; for example, 99m43Tc → 9943Tc + γ.
[meta- + L. stabilis, stable]
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Furthermore, the idea that [beta]-iPP originates from metastable nuclei has been accepted by some other researchers.
Therefore, an athlete training on a commonly described 'instability' device (wobble board) would compensate for small to moderate disturbances to maintain a metastable state of equilibrium.
When a crack develops on zirconia surface con- taining metastable t -ZrO2 it is subjected to a remote macroscopic tensile stress.
Therefore, there is a need to establish the true nature of two-phase flow and the existence of metastable flow within the adiabatic capillary tube.
6] cluster complex is postulated for the metastable magnesium hexaboride compound.
If sufficient quantities of the metastable tetragonal phase is present, then an applied stress, magnified by the stress concentration at a crack tip, can cause the tetragonal phase to convert to monoclinic, with the associated volume expansion.
This is because charge transfer is induced by light, and the resultant metastable state could be trapped at low temperature.
For Simondon the individual, be it biological, psychic, technical or collective, can only be understood as a metastable entity and he emphasises instead the underlying process or relations.
Water is transported from the roots to the leaves of the crown in a metastable state (i.
It was evaluated by the addition of blood serum in RS reduces the induction time of satable pit formation and enhances the tendancy of metastable pitting but increased the resistance of stable pit formation with slight increase in pitting current (11.
If hyperglobalization implies economic instability (or perhaps more precisely, a set of dynamics embodying a greater number of possible metastable suboptimal equilibria), and if no one wants to pull back from national democratic politics and sovereignty (except perhaps a few remnant idealists and proto-tycoons bent on monopolization), then it is hyperglobalization that must give way.