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1. Of uncertain stability; in a condition to pass into another phase when slightly disturbed, for example, water, when cooled below the freezing point may remain liquid but will immediately congeal if a piece of ice is added.
2. Denoting the excited condition of the nucleus of a radionuclide isomer that reaches a lower energy state by the process of isomeric transition decay without changing its atomic number or weight; for example, 99m43Tc → 9943Tc + γ.
[meta- + L. stabilis, stable]
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2014) Metastability in plyometric training on unstable surfaces: a pilot study.
The present model simulates the actual experimental conditions; the flashing, as such, is delayed, and the actual flash point shifts a little in the downstream direction due to the existence of metastability.
The first paper to describe the impact of metastability on computer systems and how to measure the mean time between failures was published by David in 1972 and the measurement method he described remains the industry standard way of characterizing failure rates in synchronizers.
Working in the phase coexistence zone requires that the metastability should not induce particular changes in the material behaviour, i.
The 0-In CDC tool enables verification of complex clock domain crossings in low power design, including automatic identification of clock domains and synchronizers, formal and simulation-based CDC verification as well as automated metastability injection.
While this approach to fault-tolerance has been successfully applied in the area of distributed computing for decades, transferring it to low-level hardware design introduces new obstacles, such as very limited computational capabilities of the basic components and the potential for metastability.
1], moves to lower temperatures (the metastability range increases) as the cooling rate increases.
Influence of local metastability in the workable material on control of the cutting process.
He addresses thresholds, metastability, and behavioral avalanches; networks of conditional interaction; balancing short and long-term reward; diversity and sensitivity; health intention and need satisfaction; interaction logic modeling for planning programs; and global-local dilemmas, meta-balancing, and public health.
Thus, the phenomenon of metastability always exists whenever a fluid undergoes a transition from liquid phase to vapor phase.
Finally, the elements, relations, and singularities of an Idea are never exhausted by their actualization, since they possess a potentiality or metastability that perpetually exceeds their effectuation in a given state of things, and as such serve as the conditions for the creation of the new.