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Correlation of M-Charts and PHP findings with subjective perception of metamorphopsia in patients with macular diseases.
Inclusion criteria of the patients were a history of sudden central vision loss, metamorphopsia, micropsia, characteristic ring reflex on indirect ophthalmoscopy and a characteristic leakage pattern on fundus fluorescein angiography.
Symptoms of CSR often include metamorphopsia, blurred vision and relative positive scotoma.
1,2) Before central visual acuity is deteriorated, patients with macular edema may suffer from some disturbances of visual function such as metamorphopsia, blurring, relative scotoma, loss of fixation and decrease of contrast sensitivity, which are not assessed and quantified in routine examination.
ERMs may be asymptomatic but can cause metamorphopsia and reduced visual acuity.
Criteria for inclusion of patients in the study were those having history of central visual loss with foggy vision, micropsia, metamorphopsia, and a demonstrable ring reflex on ophthalmoscopy.
Patients typically present with unilateral metamorphopsia, reduced visual acuity, a positive scotoma and micropsia.
Specifically, patients often complain of metamorphopsia, central or paracentral scotoma, painless vision loss that may be profound, reduction in contrast sensitivity, and/or apparent difference in image size.
d Central scotoma, reduced visual acuity and metamorphopsia are some of the symptoms of this condition
Visual symptoms can range from mild to severe, with blurred vision and metamorphopsia.
They might also present with relative or absolute central or paracentral scotomas, metamorphopsia, and difficulty in reading.