metabolic pathway

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metabolic pathway

a series of consecutive biochemical reactions or steps through which digested food is transformed into basic nutrients such as amino acids, free fatty acids, and simple carbohydrates.

met·a·bol·ic path·way

(met'ă-bol'ik path'wā)
Intercellular chemical reactions; catalyzed by enzymes; include the principal chemical reactions, mostly enzyme-dependent, that an organism needs to maintain homeostasis and to break down or build up molecules.

metabolic pathway

the sequence of enzyme reactions followed in the formation of one substance from another.

Metabolic pathway

A sequence of chemical reactions that lead from some precursor to a product, where the product of each step in the series is the starting material for the next step.
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The variance-covariance matrices contain the variances and covariances within the groups for the ARGs and metabolic pathway genes, respectively.
Charles Nakamura, Vice-President for Metabolic Engineering, further elaborated: Both novel enzymes and innovative metabolic pathways are required to fully realize the potential of biology in industrial chemistry.
Also whether we work on complete coverage of a single metabolic pathway or on a more global approach to examine multiple metabolites, such multi-analyte analysis is by no means trivial.
Though some of the body's natural estrogen is diverted down each metabolic pathway, the share handled by either pathway can vary widely.
Instead of transferring just one gene, he says, Keasling moved enough genes to create an entire new metabolic pathway in E.