metabolic pathway

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metabolic pathway

a series of consecutive biochemical reactions or steps through which digested food is transformed into basic nutrients such as amino acids, free fatty acids, and simple carbohydrates.

met·a·bol·ic path·way

(met'ă-bol'ik path'wā)
Intercellular chemical reactions; catalyzed by enzymes; include the principal chemical reactions, mostly enzyme-dependent, that an organism needs to maintain homeostasis and to break down or build up molecules.

metabolic pathway

the sequence of enzyme reactions followed in the formation of one substance from another.

Metabolic pathway

A sequence of chemical reactions that lead from some precursor to a product, where the product of each step in the series is the starting material for the next step.
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The findings show that altering the activity of the glycolytic enzyme phosphofructokinase 1 (PFK1) through O-glycosylation can control carbon flow through key central metabolic pathways.
Identifying and disrupting certain enzymes in these, and perhaps other, metabolic pathways provides a powerful intervention point for discovery and development of cancer therapeutics.
Our results show that this gene variant is associated with development of COPD in Caucasian men, and provides support for the notion that vitamin D metabolic pathways may affect COPD risk," said Audrey Poon, postdoctoral fellow at Meakins-Christie Laboratories, McGill University Health Centre in Montreal.
Knowledge of the metabolic pathways used by anaerobic bacteria to break down hydrocarbons has allowed us to identify unique intermediate compounds that can be used as biomarkers for in situ activity.
The medical relevance of this new-found metabolic pathway remains unclear.
Verdezyne is engineering the metabolic pathway to boost organism performance at lab scale and intends to partner for scale-up demonstration in the next year.
NCI has also explicitly expressed interest in studies that evaluate possible effects on hormonal or metabolic pathways.
The most recent research from Agios scientists published in Nature [1] suggests that it is activation of a metabolic pathway - rather than inactivation of a tumor suppression function - that is the likely process for oncogene function of IDH1.
Schechter, Chairman and CEO of Pyro Pharmaceuticals, Inc, was quoted as saying, "Pyro looks forward to completing the business combination with Fero Industries and pursuing its strategy of arresting bacterial growth by inhibiting specific metabolic pathways.
Blocking a metabolic pathway by inhibiting one or more enzymes in a pathway can form the basis for an inborn error in metabolism, or death to the microorganism, or in this case antibiotic resistant bacteria, incapable of inducing disease.
Instead of transferring just one gene, he says, Keasling moved enough genes to create an entire new metabolic pathway in E.