metabolic diseases

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metabolic diseases

diseases due to abnormal tissue metabolism, e.g. diabetes mellitus, metabolic bone disease


pertaining to internal metabolism.

metabolic acidemia
acidemia due to metabolic error.
metabolic bone disease
includes a range of bone diseases associated with metabolic diseases, e.g. secondary hyperparathyroidism, rickets and osteoporosis.
metabolic defect
generally an inherited defect that is present at birth, but which is not necessarily evident clinically for several months afterwards. The defect creates a metabolic error, which leads to the accumulation of end products which cause clinical signs, e.g. mannosidosis, porphyria or an exaggerated response from an end-organ, e.g. inherited goiter. See also inborn error of metabolism.
metabolic diseases
diseases in which normal metabolic processes are disturbed and a resulting absence or shortfall of a normal metabolite causes disease, e.g. hypocalcemia in cows, or an accumulation of the end products of metabolism causes a clinical illness, e.g. acetonemia of dairy cows. Many diseases in this group really have their beginnings in a nutritional deficiency state. See also production diseases.
metabolic encephalopathy
many disorders of metabolism can lead to neurologic abnormalities through alterations in electrolytes and acid-base balance, accumulation of endogenous toxins. See also encephalopathy.
metabolic error
see metabolic defect (above).
metabolic inhibition technique
a virus neutralization test in tissue culture in which phenol-red indicator is used to detect the acid metabolic products of actively metabolizing cells or the lack of metabolism when cells are infected and destroyed by the virus.
metabolic laminitis
metabolic myopathies
muscular dystrophies caused by metabolic defects; include systemic glycogenoses, deposits of a PAS-positive glycoprotein, the lipid storage disease of cats caused by carnitine deficiency.
metabolic pathways
groupings of enzymic processes leading to the synthesis or breakdown of carbohydrates, amino acids and lipids.
metabolic polymyopathy
a muscle disease associated with a metabolic disorder, e.g. hyperadrenocorticism.
metabolic polyneuropathy
a disease of the nerves associated with a metabolic disorder, e.g. uremia, diabetes mellitus or hypothyroidism.
metabolic profile
results of a spectrum of tests of metabolic functions.
metabolic profile test
metabolic rate
the rate of energy metabolism in the body. The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the rate of energy consumption by the body when it is completely at rest.
metabolic syndrome
characterized by hypertension, insulin resistance, an abnormal plasma lipid profile, and obesity.
metabolic toxins
include histamine, other toxic amines, ketone bodies, phenols and cresols from the large intestine, which are normal end-products of metabolism and indigestion but if their normal excretion and detoxication are impeded, cause intoxication. See also toxin.
metabolic water
the water produced in the body by oxidative metabolism of food; it represents 5-10% of the body's water utilization.
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today announced that Genzyme has granted an exclusive worldwide license to Peptimmune to develop and market a Genzyme investigational drug candidate for the treatment of obesity and other metabolic disease indications.
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