Pertaining to illumination between the photopic and scotopic ranges.
[meso- + G. opsis, vision]


Ability to see at low levels of light (e.g., at twilight).
mesopic (mĕs-ŏp′ĭk), adjective
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Different response functions are used as standards for the spectral luminous efficiency for lesser illuminations, which are called mesopic vision for intermediate levels of illumination and scotopic vision for very low levels of illumination.
They also recommended closer analysis of extracts from southern Europe and the uniform adoption of modern ophthalmologic methodology for the measurement of dark adaptation and scotopic and mesopic visual acuity.
Although our results suggest a transfer of effect from the low-level search task to the complex mobility task, the observed mobility enhancement was modest and occurred only under the mesopic lighting condition.
At three months postoperatively, ICL implantation induced fewer ocular and corneal HOAs and resulted in better contrast sensitivity at mesopic levels compared with wavefront-guided LASEK.
The PLR-200 monocular infrared pupillometer (Neu rOptics; Irvine, California) was used to quantify PLR under mesopic conditions (approximately 3 cd/[m.
For these situations, metrics involving mesopic vision and scene brightness perception exist.
Mesopic radial frequency contrast sensitivity function for young and older adults.
The case studies are mesopic outdoor lighting, the Oil Sector Complex Building in Kuwait, intelligent lighting, new lighting technologies demonstrated at Defense Department commissaries, and innovative lighting contests.
Fotios and Cheal [2007] used discrimination to compare side-by-side booths at mesopic illuminances and their procedure included counterbalancing of the position of their stimuli.
Using infrared imaging technology, the VIP(TM)-200 measures the pupil 30 times per second over a two-second period at scotopic, low mesopic and high mesopic light levels and provides the average pupil diameter and standard deviation with accuracy exceeding 0.
The effect of oncoming headlight glare on peripheral detection under a mesopic light level, Available from: http://ken-gilbert.
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