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2) Human papillomavirus DNA is only very rarely detected in the nonmucinous types of ADC, such as clear cell, serous, and mesonephric adenocarcinoma.
11] Most of the other nonneoplastic lesions such as tunnel clusters, mesonephric hyperplasia, endometriosis, and microglandular endocervical hyperplasia are not given much importance even though they mimic in situ or malignant neoplasm.
Chemotherapy for urothelial cancer is usually used because CDC has a mesonephric origin.
The mesonephric kidney of teleosts essentially evolved as a water-secreting organ with relatively big glomeruli.
Congenital rectovaginal fistula, imperforate anus, hypospadias and other anatomical variants of cloacal dysgenesis can also be associated with maldevelopment of the Mullerian and mesonephric duct derivatives.
Nephrogenic adenoma of the urinary bladder is defined as a metaplastic change in the urinary bladder with papillary or cryptic structures which are composed of small hollow tubules similar to mesonephric tubules, which are usually lined by a single layer of bland cuboidal or hobnail cells, surrounding eosinophilic or basophilic secretions [7].
tion fuse with the developing mesonephric ducts and form the bladder and urethra.
The proximal tubular diameter (table-1) in the mesonephric tissue increased among the groups when compared with control group I.
They are thought to be caused by abnormal insertion of the mesonephric ducts into the cloaca in the place of the normal plicae colliculi, which cause varying degrees of obstruction.
Different origins of renal arteries and frequent variations were explained in the development of mesonephric arteries.
The ureteral bud originates from the caudal end of the mesonephric duct at approximately gestational week 4, and proper interaction between the mesonephric duct and urogenital sinus results in the correct anatomical placement of the ureteral orifice on the bladder trigone.