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Pertaining to the mesoderm.


(mes'o-derm) [? + derma, skin]
A primary germ layer of the embryo lying between ectoderm and endoderm. From it arise all connective tissues; muscular, skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, and urogenital systems; and the linings of the body cavities. See: ectoderm; endodermmesodermicmesodermal, adjective

axial mesoderm

Portion of the mesoderm that gives rise to the notochord and prechordal plate.

extraembryonic mesoderm

Mesoderm lying outside the embryo proper and involved in the formation of amnion, chorion, yolk sac, and body stalk.

intermediate mesoderm

Mesoderm lying between somite and lateral mesoderm, and giving rise to embryonic and definitive kidneys and their ducts.

lateral mesoderm

Unsegmented mesoderm lying lateral to the intermediate mesoderm. In it develops a cavity (coelom), separating it into layers (somatic and splanchnic mesoderm).
Synonym: hypomere

paraxial mesoderm

Mesoderm lying immediately lateral to the neural tube and notochord.

somatic mesoderm

The outer layer of the lateral mesoderm. It becomes intimately associated with the ectoderm, forming the somatopleure, from which the ventral and lateral walls of the embryo develop.

splanchnic mesoderm

The inner layer of the lateral mesoderm. It becomes intimately associated with the endoderm, forming the splanchnopleure, from which the gut and the lungs and their coverings arise.
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Distinct mesodermal signals, including BMPs from the septum transversum mesenchyme, are required in combination for hepatogenesis from the endoderm.
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OCT4 and NANOG pluripotency markers were downregulated (a), whereas mesodermal (BRACHYURY) and early and later cardiac markers (NKX2.
Primary epithelial tumours of the UUT are more common and are usually malignant, and mesodermal tumours of the UUT are rare lesions that are usually benign.
These mesenchyme cells, specifically called trunk lateral cells (TLCs), give rise to adult mesodermal cells including blood cells.
Mesodermal differentiation: To investigate their capacity for mesodermal differentiation adipogenic and osteogenic differentiation was carried out by culturing cells with the differentiation kit and differentiation was evaluated by Oil-Red-O and Alizarin Red staining.
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Prominent immature neoplastic neuroepithelial elements with true and pseudorossette formation were seen mixed with other mature and immature ectodermal and mesodermal origin tissue.
The usual mesodermal elements include fibro-adipose and fibro-muscular tissues and the endodermal component is in the form of glandular structures.
The other pool of thought is that germinal cell neoplasms originate from remnants of the primitive streak which fails to differentiate among mesodermal, ectodermal and endodermal tissues in the embryonic disc (7).
Different organ malformations of mesodermal origin, such as the heart, lung, and urogenital system, including Mullerian anomalies can occur in combinations.
Early disruption of the mesodermal differentiation in utero at the first 5 weeks has been suggested as the basis for the nonrandom association of VA.