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the study of or the method or practice of inducing hypnosis.


A system of therapeutics from which were developed hypnotism and therapeutic suggestion.
[F.A. Mesmer, Austrio-Hungarian physician, 1734-1815]


/mes·mer·ism/ (mez´mer-izm) hypnotism.


(mĕz′mə-rĭz′əm, mĕs′-)
1. A strong or spellbinding appeal; fascination.
2. Hypnotic induction believed to involve animal magnetism.
3. Hypnotism.

mes·mer′ic (-mĕr′ĭk) adj.
mes·mer′i·cal·ly adv.
mes′mer·ist n.


Etymology: Franz A. Mesmer, Austrian physician, 1734-1815
a practice of hypnotism introduced by Mesmer, who believed human health was affected by "celestial magnetic forces." Some patients were reported cured or experienced diminished symptoms by undergoing a "grand crisis," or seizure, while under hypnosis. Mesmer was regarded as a fraud by the medical profession, but his work led to serious studies of the health effects of the power of suggestion.
A method of hypnosis that allegedly placed patients in a trance-like state deep enough to allow major surgery without pain, or awareness of the operation, named for Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer, who developed it


A system of therapeutics from which were developed hypnotism and therapeutic suggestion.


Franz Anton, Austrian physician, 1733-1815.
mesmeric crisis - reaction technique. Synonym(s): grand crisis; magnetic crisis
mesmerism - the use of hypnotism as practiced by Mesmer.

mesmerism (mezˑ·m·riˈ·zm), the therapy advanced by the German Doctor Franz Mesmer, which involved using the power of “animal magnetism” to put people into trance; considered the predecessor of modern hypnosis. See also animal magnetism.


A system of therapeutics from which hypnotism and therapeutic suggestion developed.

Patient discussion about mesmerism

Q. HYPNOSIS can hypnosis be used in bi-polar disorder?

A. there is no reason why not. people with bipolar disorder can be susceptible to hypnosis like any others. but like all population the ability to be hypnotized is variable. some are very suggestible and some are not. doesn't say anything on the person- very smart and intelligent people can be hypnotized.

Q. How effective is hypnosis in treating alcoholism? And how expensive is it? I've already tried hypnotherapy for social anxiety problems but the guy was a useless quack and I didn't even go under properly.

A. Hypnosis is a very effective treatment for addictions, it was used back in the 19th century as one but the use of hypnosis today is smaller then before. Here is a web page with some info about it:

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There was there the mighty power, whatever it be, which it is said once dared dispute the empire of heaven with the Omnipotent, and which all ages have called Satan, whether it is to be called evil with the Christian, or good with the philanthropist, a person with the believer, or a primitive and elemental force with the mesmerist.
The celebrated commission of the French Academy of Sciences of 1784, whose report dealt to Mesmerism a blow which has generally been supposed by those who know nothing about it to have been one of annihilation--even this committee have no hesitation in recognising this fact; however they may attempt to explain away its attendant phenomena,--however they may seek shelter from one difficulty of belief behind another not less incomprehensible; by ascribing to a vague principle, of a purely mental and spiritual character, which they term "imagination," physical effects of the most surprising kind, for which a much more intelligible explanation is to be found in some of the theories of the Mesmerists.
Mesmerists were often conceived as masculine, as seen in the widespread belief that they used their power to seduce women.
In the migration of Africanist practices to white psychology, liberal reform became a matter of spiritual awareness; the privilege of disembodiment derives from slaves whose encumbered bodies silently justified the universalism of mesmerists, spiritualists, and antislavery men and women.
The mesmerists who murmured and gesticulated at me had no effect on my rational capacities, though the experience was rather relaxing," Franklin says.
Using whatever it was -- deception, magnetic fluids, will-power, or the devil (Victorians disagreed) -- mesmerists were seen to put their subjects in a trance.
Critics of the novel have, with a few exceptions, dissented from this position only by reading Blithedale as a roman a clef, in which the feminist Zenobia may stand for Margaret Fuller, who visited Brook Farm; the reformer Hollingsworth (or the mesmerist Westervelt) for Albert Brisbane, the community's "apostle of Fourierism"; and the narrator, Coverdale, for Hawthorne himself.
Psychical research emerged as an attempt to continue and systematize the work of the mesmerists and the Spiritualists by exploring hidden dimensions of human functioning and the possibility of spirit agency (Gauld, 1968; Lachapelle, 2011; Moore, 1977; Wolffram, 2009).
Japan) creates a wonder show of his own with his vivid portraits of mesmerists, magicians, electrical wizards, mind readers and their spectacles.
The analogy with the electric fluid was frequently made by mesmerists in Britain--as, for example, in Samuel Stearns, The Mystery of Animal Magnetism Revealed to the World (London, 1791).
Indeed, secularized occultism pervades the modern world in ways we rarely think about, from psychoanalysis (which, as occult historian Peter Washington notes, presents the analyst as a kind of "sensitive" with a sixth sense) to the still-thriving Marxist communications theory (which posits the mass media as powerful mesmerists with their audience in thrall).
As an adult researching Blue Windows, Wilson learned that even Christian Science has a shadow side, based on Eddy's paranoid belief that mental malpractitioners or mesmerists were trying to poison her mind.