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Antennal scale generally oval with distal margin broadly rounded, blunt distolateral tooth present; short transverse suture extending mesially from base of distolateral tooth; dorsal surface with prominent mid-dorsal carina; basicerite with subacute ventrolateral tooth.
teeth posterior to the most mesially affected tooth will develop, partially erupt and then gradually fail to erupt any further.
With too much interproximal reduction, the adjacent first permanent molar drifts mesially and the first premolar distally resulting in root proximity of the retained second primary molar and the adjacent permanent teeth.
However, if an affected FPM is tipped mesially any reduction of the distal surface of the adjacent primary molar is likely to result in further space loss for the permanent second premolar.
At this time teeth 13 and 23 were erupting, 23 was erupting mesially for 63 and 53 had exfoliated.