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Relating to the mesencephalon.


Relating to the mesencephalon.


(mĕs-ĕn-sĕf′ă-lŏn) [″ + enkephalos, brain]
The midbrain; one of three primitive cerebral vesicles from which develop the corpora quadrigemina, the crura cerebri, and the aqueduct of Sylvius.
mesencephalic, adjective
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Microscopic examination showed bilateral dilatation of the lateral ventricles and mesencephalic aqueduct associated with marked periventricular white mater microspongiosis.
These errors are sent through the mesencephalic dopamine system to three brain Regions--1) motor control systems (i.
O-2A progenitors increase the survival of rat mesencephalic, dopaminergic neurons from death induced by serum deprivation.
In our patient, the disappearance of the splenic lesions, the decrease in the size of the mesencephalic and pontine mass, the marked improvement in the pulmonary infiltrates, and the decrease in the ACE level were all objective indications of response to corticosteroid therapy.
Freeman TB, Watts RL, Hauser RA et al (2003): A prospective, randomised, double-blind, surgical placebo-controlled trial of fetal porcine ventral mesencephalic tissue (Neurocell-PD) in subjects with Parkinson's disease.
Effects of diazepam on fentanyl-induced epileptoid EEG activity and increase of multineuronal firing in limbic and mesencephalic brain structures.
Schandler said that consuming alcohol may actually facilitate ACOAs' information processing by depressing mesencephalic activity, thus resulting in normalization of attention and orienting.
Transplantation of human embryonic dopamine neurons in the brain, to be more precise, the CT-guided stereotactic placement of embryonic mesencephalic tissue in the putamen or putamen + caudate region has shown marked improvement in Parkinson's disease.
This approach was soon abandoned in favor of intrastriatal implantation of human embryonic mesencephalic tissue, rich in dopaminergic neurons.
In the clinical trial, central mesencephalic cell suspensions prepared from embryonic porcine fetuses were unilaterally deposited into the striatum of 12 patients with advanced Parkinson's.
Attention is controlled by a system that includes cortical sensory association areas, the limbic system, mesencephalic reticular formation, and nucleus reticularis (Voeller, 1991).
Degeneration of mesencephalic DA neurons triggers the initial phases of PD, which raises the concept that cell replacement might represent a long-term restorative option for this neuropathology.