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mésalliance, misalliance

[Fr.] see mismating.
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The disparity between their feelings and their situation illustrates the kind of mesalliance Freud regards as a symbolic site of unconscious meanings.
Quoiqu'il en soit, Vienne ayant decouvert les preuves de sa vaillance extraordinaire et de son amour secret tombe follement amoureuse de Paris, mais sans mot dire car elle n'ignore pas la colere que cette mesalliance susciterait chez son pere.
Inversant l'interdit de mesalliance initial, l'union finale des amants, mariage et fecondite, les transforme sociologiquement en epoux acceptes.
In return the movement benefited financially from the advertising copy placed in the suffragette press, an astonishing ideological mesalliance that survived the women's smashing of the shop windows of the same big stores in 1912.
The occasion for the clan's gathering is the wedding of sixteen-year-old Dabney Fairchild to Troy Flavin, the overseer: enough of a mesalliance to inject some bracing discomfort into the proceedings, but not enough to cause anyone real misery.
For instance, he unpacks such features as jarring juxtapositions, mesalliances, and the oxymoronic structuring of characters in Harlem Gallery.
Few of the cases Farr studies could be considered mesalliances in the strict sense of the word.