Plural of meridianus.
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Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder, examined an 18-square-mile chloride salt deposit in the planet's Meridiani region near the Mars Opportunity rover's landing site, Science Daily reported.
My friend the Opportunity rover, strolling the other side of the planet, has found similar evidence that water once flowed at her landing site in Meridiani Planum.
7 kilometers) since it landed in the Meridiani Planum region of Mars on Jan.
The Skies of Mars" takes place in 2265, on Mars, where Agent Raaf Krusen, the last UFOlogist, interviews retired Sheriff Gerald Corbett about his personal experiences with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) over the skies of Viking Colony at Terra Meridiani over a span of fifty years.
He is the publisher of The Meridiani Journal blog, a chronicle of planetary exploration.
While chronicling the scientific discoveries made by both rovers over the years, Squyres discussed the recent finding of suspected gypsum near the rim of Endeavour Crater --a region of Meridiani Planum that Opportunity has been studying since 2011--and the discovery of clays that likely formed in a pH-neutral wet environment in Mars' past.
NASA Mars Exploration Rover (MER) lead scientist Steve Squyres of Cornell University reported appearance of a suspected gypsum near Endeavour Crater's rim - a region of Meridiani Planum that Opportunity has been researching since 2011 - and the discovery of clays, which likely formed in a pH-neutral wet environment in early Mars, Discovery News reported.
Contact with the Spirit rover was lost in 2010, but Opportunity is still fit and currently exploring Endeavour Crater on the Meridiani Plains, over 5,000 miles to the west of where Curiosity is operating.
Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars in 2004; the latter is still sending back data from the Meridiani Planum, a vast plain near the Martian equator.
Kirkwood contains small spheres with composition, structure and distribution that differ from other iron-rich spherules, nicknamed blueberries, that Opportunity found at its landing site and throughout the Meridiani Planum area it has explored.
Among the very best near-opposition images received were those of Flanagan (2007 Dec 21) and Peach (Dec 14): see Figure 3 and note the numerous minute dark spots running NNW from Meridiani Sinus along the course of telescopic Gehon.
Once in a while he talks about his old apartment, his wonderful books, his art books, his complete Meridiani Mondadori collection.