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v to produce a single sequence of items, ordered according to some rule, from two or more sequences previously ordered according to the same rule. Merging does not change the items in size, structure, or total number.
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Begin by opening Word's Mail Merge Wizard by clicking on Tools, Letters and Mailings and Mail Merge.
Example 6: The facts are the same as in Example 2, except that X merges into Z under W law.
The 133-year-old Roman Catholic facility recently abandoned plans to merge with city-owned Quincy Hospital, primarily because the latter performs abortions and offers birth-control services.
For example, although ordinarily the taxable year of a corporation ends when it merges out of existence, in an "F" reorganization of the type hypothesized the corporation is regarded as a single continuing corporation and its taxable year does not end on the date of the merger.
A user-defined template pulls the required content from the Content Server, automatically merges them, inserts pagination and routes the completed document to the specified location for viewing or printing.
We'll use Microsoft Office's Mail Merge function, which merges and integrates documents and data sources, to customize the letters.
To ensure that surrender, the acquirer sets up a new company and merges it into the target (owned by the selling shareholders), with the target surviving.
PixelVision's patented SMARTGLAS architecture merges and displays multiple computer and video sources into a single video stream.
In a forward merger, the target merges into the acquirer's company, and the selling shareholders receive the acquirer's stock.