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The functional attributes of the mind; mental activity.


n. pl. mentali·ties
The sum of a person's intellectual capabilities or endowment.


Etymology: L, mens, mind
1 the functional power and capacity of the mind.
2 intellectual character.


A manner of thinking; mindset.


The functional attributes of the mind; mental activity.

Patient discussion about mentality

Q. Is depression is a mental disease? how do you treat it?

A. I can confirm as a patient being treated for depression that it is mental. Its supposed to be caused by a complicated chemical imbalance in the brain.

Q. Regarding mental illness My mom is suffering from mental illness. As she remains absent minded through out the day, moreover remains silent (talkless), suffering with idiot ideas. Pls advise me how may i resolve this prob. She is sufferring from last 4 years....!!! and now it has increased. We are also under supervision of phycologist but he used to kept her on sleep as alternative. I need yr some corrective suggestion & help. Regards Parth

A. Parth- Dan could be right, there might be another diagnosis for your mother. it sounds like late stages of Parkinson's, but that would be hard to miss due to a very clear first stages.. if Schizophrenia was diagnosed properly - you should know that there are cases of recovery but it's about 15%. so it's not much, but a dual treatment can improve her state. is she taking any medication?

Q. In what ways does bipolar different from mental depression?

A. bipolar disorder is like being on a giant swing that one side is depression and the other is mania. you suffer from depression episodes and mania episodes. mania is an excessive good mood, sounds good but it's not. it''s wearing out you and your close ones. make you buy stuff you don't need and such.

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Mark Kilmister, via ChronicleLive ANDREW SAYS: The mentality of the squad is key for me.
I think you can see, in a good way, we are strong in mentality.
The AKP mentality has been adroit in exploiting the emotions of poor families -- arranging visits to poor families with full media coverage, for example -- and everyone knows that it can turn into a bloodsucking monster when it comes to creating employment conditions that respect human dignity or raising the minimum wage over the poverty threshold.
After the game, he was very happy in the changing room because our mentality now as a team, as a squad, is first the result, the collective situation, before our individual problems or targets.
In a statement to SANA on Sunday, al-Zoubi said the mentality of President al-Assad stems from wisdom, logic and knowledge and it is normal for people like Rifi- who lacks logic, knowledge and wisdom- to be unable to comprehend such mentality.
Members and experts of a working group consider stereotypical mentality as major issue related to introduction of the Probation Service in Armenia.
We have found the mentality Hearts have had in the whole competition.
ESTEBAN Cambiasso believes Leicester's winners can rival the Inter Milan dressing room mentality.
With the signings that the manager has made - exciting players, young players, with experience of the Premier League - we are going to have that winning mentality and the mentality to move forward," the 24-year-old England international told the Club's officail website.
London, July 28 ( ANI ): Spanish attacking midfielder Juan Mata believes that new boss Louis van Gall has restored Manchester United's winning mentality that was lost under David Moyes.
In his eBook, High Performance Mentality, Frincu shares his trademark approach to obliterating the obstacles that prevent most serious athletes from achieving their goals.
This is our pitch, our supporters, our ground; so our mentality is to own it.