mental status

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mental status

the degree of competence shown by a person in intellectual, emotional, psychological, and personality functioning as measured by psychological testing with reference to a statistical norm. See also mental status examination.

mental status

See Mini-mental test.

men·tal sta·tus

(MS) (men'tăl stat'ŭs)
A comprehensive description or statement of a patient's intellectual capacity, emotional state, and general mental health based on examiner's observations and directed interview; includes assessment of mood, behavior, orientation, judgment, memory, problem-solving ability, and contact with reality.


1. pertaining to the mind.
2. pertaining to the chin.

mental nerves
see Table 14.
mental organ
an accumulation of apocrine tubular glands in the intermandibular space of swine.
mental state
includes states of excitement, e.g. frenzy, mania and panic, and depression states, including somnolence, lassitude, narcolepsy, catalepsy, syncope and coma. Delirium is not diagnosable in animals but aimless wandering and headpressing are reminiscent of that mental state in humans.
mental status
assessment of level of patient awareness or consciousness.
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Noncirrhotic hyperammonemia as a cause of altered mental status remains a diagnosis of exclusion.
In terms of mental status findings, consider this question: Does the patient show extreme psychological pain or anguish, intense self-hatred, hopelessness, agitation or perturbation, psychosis (especially delusional guilt), or a wish for death?
We did not include other manually collected clinical variables beyond vital signs and mental status, because previous studies have found that the contribution of these variables to model discrimination is negligible (Tabak, Johannes, and Silber 2007; Hollenbeak et al.
Assessment of mental status is used to improve the ability of the instrument to discriminate the patients into discharge placement groups.
The Crisis Team staff then would have made every attempt to get George to answer the door and engage him in a conversation to assess his mental status.
We also are better able to assess patients by identifying subtle physical or mental status changes unrecognized by patients or families.
In addition to a 7-day post-SAB mean blood glucose level, other prognostic variables included an SAPS score >45 on the day of SAB, nosocomial SAB, the type of Staphylococcus aureus strain, comorbidity measured by Charlson WIC, and altered mental status on the day of SAB.
5) These parameters included factors such as physical and social functioning, emotional and mental status, vitality, and general overall health.
Mental status was poorer and cognitive complaints more frequent with West Nile neuroinvasive disease
The underlying theory that has been borne out in the literature is that a patient who suffers a cardiac arrest on the medical floor is likely to experience a "window" of six to eight hours (1) beforehand where there are measurable aberrations in vital signs or mental status that presage the occurrence of arrest that can be modified by intervention.
We aimed to evaluate the diagnostic value of lumbar puncture in excluding nosocomial meningitis as the cause of mental status changes in medical intensive care unit patients.
The American Association of Neurology defines concussion as "any trauma induced alteration in mental status that may or may not include a loss of consciousness" (2).