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mental level,

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23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Running possesses a unique quality, operating at a physical and mental level.
We need to have the same mental level because we expect Liverpool's players will have 200 per cent commitment and will be excited to play against us," said the Argentinian.
He said that mental level of the prisoners would be enhanced and changed due to the welfare projects and jail reforms which would help to convert the criminal mind of the prisoners from crime to other side.
Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has high hopes for Zelalem and said: "Gedion has the talent to become a great player but that will be decided in the next two or three years because he has to show that he has the mental level required to be a top-level competitor.
In the rst game, we didn't have that mental level you need to compete at the highest level.
In the first game, we didn't have that mental level you need to compete at the highest level.
Dr Mujahid said that terrorism could not be eliminated through military operation alone but we must wipe it out at mental level and curb extremism.
We could not overcome their physical and mental level," said Cazorla.
Wenger added: "The mental shape and the mental level of confi-dence of the team and the positive vibes that are within the the team are always very important, therefore the results in any competition can have an influence.
The minister also said that the media has become open as air reaching everyone, pointing out addressing everyone with their true mental level, and highlighting that the security challenges today are concerned with reform in the region, while the media doesn't address the real reform in the region and existing welfare.
It's definitely beneficial, not just on a physical level, but on a mental level for confidence and self esteem.
The mental set will, of course, be realized neurologically, but it is multiply realizable: it could be the realization of a variety of perceptions of the environment (ice-cube tray on the counter, burn ointment), or the result of statements by the experimenters, or any one of an unbounded set of other devices resulting in what we can only meaningfully describe at the mental level as the expectation of heat or of cold.