membranous lamina of cartilage of pharyngotympanic (auditory) plate

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mem·bra·nous lam·i·na of car·ti·lage of pharyngotympanic (auditory) plate

the connective tissue membrane that, with the lateral and medial laminae, completes the lateral and inferior walls of the cartilaginous part of the pharyngotympanic (auditory) tube.
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The subpubic space when viewed in the mid-line sagittal plane is a triangle defined inferiorly by deep penile fascia (Buck's) encasing the penile neurovascular bundle and the corpora cavernosa, superiorly by the pubic symphysis and anteriorly by the membranous layer of the superficial fascia (Scarpa's).
The layers internal to the exocuticle consists of the calcified endocuticle, uncalcified endocuticle and finally the membranous layer.
The uncalcified endocuticle is laid down in C2/C3 and the membranous layer is secreted in stage C4.
The surface of the brain is covered by three thin membranous layers called meninges.
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