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MEM 1414 is the lead compound in Memory Pharmaceuticals' PDE4 inhibitor program.
Presented Preclinical Data for MEM 68626 at ICAD 2008.
The data suggests that MEM 68626 was active in the cortical and hippocampal areas of the brain, critical regions that are compromised in Alzheimer's disease and MCI.
Memory Pharmaceuticals reported the results of a clinical study of MEM 1414 on quantitative EEG (qEEG), a biomarker of central nervous system (CNS) activity.
WHEN I stepped out of my car to walk into Kothi Mem, I was greeted by one of those stretchers that have been designed to kill patients -- it was lying neglected outside a hospital that doubled as the office of a chartered accountant and, if I remember right, a teaching shop.
Having spent a lifetime as a guest at weddings, the time is fast approaching when loved ones look to Mem with expectation.
During the 1990s MEM moved into a number of new sectors before it was acquired by the Eaton Corporation in 2003, an organisation which last year generated sales of EUR13bn.
The results from this proof-of-concept trial will provide valuable insights into the potential efficacy of MEM 1003 to treat acute mania in bipolar disorder and will be critical in shaping the development path for this drug candidate.
With this is mind, as brands and retailers realise their budgets will include an element of wastage, MEM says it has worked tirelessly to offer its clients complete marketing solutions and total value for money
Mature student Mem Goodchild made a return visit to Stockton Riverside College to thank Anne and Steve Moses who taught her five years ago.
SPECIAL VISIT: Rugby mayor Laurie Wright with (left front) Chris Morgan, (right) Cmdr Phillip Titterton and Lt James Risley, (back row from left) Cox Lenny Manning, MEM Mike Stevens and Chief MEM Graeme Rimmington.