Melting Pot

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A popular term for a region where multiple ethnic groups intermingle culturally, and often intermarry, resulting in increased genetic diversity
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With more than 145 restaurants nationwide, existing locations in 37 states including the District of Columbia, and over 13 locations currently in development, The Melting Pot Restaurants Inc.
This Melting Pot location will encompass more than 5,500 square feet with seating for over 150 guests.
The restaurant's location right off of I-95 makes The Melting Pot a convenient spot for a variety of occasions: dinner out with friends or family, a special occasion, romantic evening, dinner after a day of shopping at the mall, or a business meeting.
The Melting Pot offers a relaxed atmosphere, private tables, fine wines, attentive service and signature fondue dinners.
This Melting Pot location will encompass more than 6,800 square feet with seating for almost 200 guests.
With the success of the Bedford/Burlington and Framingham Melting Pot locations, it's clear that the Boston area loves our unique fondue dining concept," says Renee Torres, Managing Partner of this Melting Pot location.