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The leaves from the tops of Melissa officinalis (family Labiatae), a plant of southern Europe; a diaphoretic.
Synonym(s): sweet balm
[G. a bee]
Fringe medicine A floral essence said to be an antidepressant
Herbal medicine

(1) A perennial herb, the oil of which contains citral, citronellal, eugenol acetate, flavonoids, geraniol, polyphenols, tannin, and triterpenoids. Lemon balm is antihistaminic, antipyretic, antispasmodic, antiviral, carminative, sedative, and tonic; it has been used for allergies, colds, depression, eczema, flu, headaches, insomnia, menstrual disorders, vomiting

(2) An extract of lemon—Citrus limon—that has been used topically for herpes simplex-induced cold sores
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