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1. pertaining to a medulla.
2. myeloid (def. 1).
3. myeloid (def. 2).


(med'yul-lăr'ē, med'ū-lār-ē),
Relating to the medulla or marrow.
Synonym(s): medullar


/med·ul·lary/ (med´ah-lar″e)
1. pertaining to a medulla.
2. pertaining to bone marrow.
3. pertaining to the spinal cord.


[med′əler′ē, mədul′erē, med′yəler′ē]
Etymology: L, medulla, marrow
1 pertaining to the medulla of the brain.
2 pertaining to the bone marrow.
3 pertaining to the spinal cord. Also medullar.


adjective Referring to or resembling the medulla or centre of a tissue, especially the bone marrow.
Medspeak-UK pronounced, meh DULL urry
Medspeak-US pronounced, MED you lerry


Relating to the medulla or marrow.
Synonym(s): medullar.


(me-dul'a, dul') plural.medullae [L. medulla, marrow, pith]
1. Marrow (1).
2. In anatomy, the innermost or central portion of an organ in contrast to the cortex.
3. The caudal segment of the hindbrain. Synonym: medulla oblongata; bulb (2)
4. The medulla ossium. medullary (med'ul-er?e, mej?), adjective
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adrenal medulla

The central tissue of the adrenal gland. It is filled with pheochromocytes, which are derived from the neural crest and resemble postsynaptic sympathetic ganglion cells. In response to stimulation by presynaptic sympathetic axons, the pheochromocytes secrete epinephrine and norepinephrine into the bloodstream. See: illustration
See: adrenal gland

medulla of hair

The central axis of a hair.

medulla of kidneys

See: pyramid, renal

medulla nephrica

See: pyramid, renal

medulla oblongata

Medulla (3).

medulla ossium

Marrow (1).

medulla of ovary

The central portion of the ovary, composed of loose connective tissue, blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerves.

medulla spinalis

The spinal cord.


emanating from or pertaining to a medulla. Used most frequently in relation to diseases of glands, e.g. thyroids, or gland-like structures, e.g. lymph nodes.

medullary cavity
cavity of the bone marrow.
medullary cord
cords of tissue in lymph nodes; may be hyperplastic in cases of chronic localized disease.
medullary reticular formation
the part of the medulla oblongata which controls the trigeminal, facial, vagal and hypoglossal nerve nuclei.
medullary sinus
part of the flow system for lymph through lymph nodes; drain into efferent lymphatic vessels at the node hilus.