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The new medical staff requires a new set of relevant staff categories.
The agreement, which is in accordance with these guidelines, was approved by the committee duly authorized to approve hospital medical staff contracts.
The hospital also counts on the medical staff organization to oversee and regulate the practice of medicine within the hospital, using expertise not otherwise available to the hospital at any reasonable cost.
Even though medical staff physicians are subject to the inurement proscription, that does not mean there can be no economic dealings between them and the hospitals.
Because this is the first survey of its kind, it was designed to cover issues of both depth and breadth-from composition of the medical staff to specific quality/peer review practices; from medical staff officer terms to the specific make-up of a fair hearing panel; from medical staff dues to how the medical staff votes on changes to bylaws; and more.
For medical staffs, this means creating a culture in which all members of the medical staff are held accountable for its effectiveness and success.
1 -- 2) Families who had been helped by the Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center gathered Saturday for a reunion with the doctors, nurses and medical staff who worked to make parenthood possible for them, joining in a day of festivities that included ventriloquists and jugglers.
For leaders of health care organizations, it is not a question of if, but how to facilitate improvement in patient safety among medical staff.
The lawsuit claims the medical staff at Plastic Surgery Partnerships negligently administered anesthesia during the Feb.
As a result, medical staffs across the country are responding by strengthening peer review and quality monitoring systems.
Slater became senior vice president, medical staff affairs at Owensboro Medical Health System in Owensboro, Ky.

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