medical pathology

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med·i·cal pa·thol·o·gy

pathology pertaining to various diseases not suitable for treatment by surgery.

medical pathology

Etymology: L, medicare + Gk, pathos, disease, logos, science
the study of diseases not readily treated by surgical procedures.

medical pathology

An imprecise term for the study of diseases that do not respond to surgical therapy.

med·i·cal path·ol·o·gy

(medi-kăl pă-tholŏ-jē)
That pertaining to various diseases not suitable for treatment by surgery.
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Genera Biosystems is developing and commercializing novel molecular diagnostic tests based upon a proprietary detection platform for use in the medical pathology industry.
Contract award: Laboratory Testing Services including sample collection and electronic reporting for standard medical pathology investigations and specialised toxicology screening and analysis.
While certain obstacles are technique related, others are the result of medical pathology impairing function with varying degrees of severity.
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Cheung, who also serves as Professor of Clinical Pathology at the University of California, Davis School of Medicine where he is Director of the Biomedical Engineering Division, Chair of the Advisory Research Committee, and Vice Chair of the Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the medical school, has received numerous awards and honors, including the Joan Oettinger Memorial Award in pulmonary and cancer research, the University of California Chancellor James H.
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