medical language specialist

med·i·cal lan·guage spe·ci·a·list

(MLS) (med'i-kăl lang'gwăj spesh'i-list)
One who interprets dictation by physicians and other health care providers and converts it into printed format to provide a permanent record of patient care.
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When I became a medical transcriptionist, we were using tapes," said Spheris Medical Language Specialist Marjorie Cheesman.
4 million period over period primarily as a result of increased utilization of the Company's global production capabilities, lower medical language specialist (MLS) direct costs and decreased depreciation expense.
The increase in operating income was primarily due to greater utilization of the Company's global production capabilities and lower medical language specialist, or MLS, direct costs.
As a result of this acquisition, iMedX will benefit from an expanded reach in Texas, and from FORE's well-trained, efficient global medical language specialists.
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (Philadelphia, PA) has begun the production of Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment, a quarterly journal, and Steadmans@Work, an online service for medical language specialists.
Transcend is fortunate to have a wonderful group of highly skilled medical language specialists supported by a seasoned team of professionals.
The recognition that we have received from our industry is reflective of our commitment to workforce development and the value we place upon medical language specialists in the delivery of clinical documentation, now and in the future.
This agreement further validates our strategy to offer the industry a true end-to-end clinical documentation solution built upon a single, integrated technology platform that is supported by a global network of highly-professional medical language specialists.
As a result of this acquisition iMedX will benefit from Worldtech's geographically dispersed customer base, and from Worldtech's well-trained, efficient global medical language specialists.
Founded by physicians in 1993, Spheris employs a global network of medical language specialists for true 24-hour service, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Amphion focuses on providing high value solutions to support their customers with a team of experienced medical language specialists and credentialed coders.
Based just outside of Orlando, Florida, Medware currently serves over sixty health systems across the country, utilizing a labor force of over 350 US-based medical language specialists.

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