medical intensive care unit

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med·i·cal in·te·nsive care u·nit

(MICU) (med'i-kăl in-ten'siv kār yū'nit)
Hospital unit designated for care of critically ill patients with nonsurgical conditions.
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A "closed" medical intensive care unit (MICU) improves resource utilization when compared with an "open" MICU.
Texas Health Huguley includes a 223-bed acute care hospital, a medical intensive care unit and a cardiovascular critical care unit, an accredited bone and joint center, an accredited chest pain center, behavioral health center, women's services, an award-winning emergency department and a fitness center.
Medical Intensive Care Unit, Ibn Sina University Hospital, Rabat, Morocco
We found this mnemonic to be useful in teaching resident physicians and nurses while we were working together in the medical intensive care unit of Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem during Autumn of 2007.
The gift will fund construction of the Frances and Dominic Moceri Family Learning Center and the Frances and Dominic Moceri Medical Intensive Care Unit, as well as establish the Moceri Learning Center Endowment.
The University of Kansas Hospital's Medical Intensive Care Unit earned a Beacon Award.
Tissot et al investigated medication administration errors in a 15-bed university hospital medical intensive care unit (3).
The study looked at patients who were admitted directly to the hospital's internal medicine department and excluded patients who were transferred from the medical intensive care unit, surgery or other nonmedicine services.
He received multiple blood transfusions on day 1 of hospitalization and quickly progressed to multiple organ failure, including renal failure and hepatic and cardiogenic shock, and was transferred to a medical intensive care unit.
changed its culture and cut its nosocomial infection rates in its medical intensive care unit (MICU) in half Co which puts the hospital in the 15th percentile nationally.
Gopal Palepu is presenting the results of his Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) study at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) 27th Annual Congress, September 27 - October 1, 2014 in Barcelona.
Contract notice: Insurance for the building construction comprising the pole mother a child, surgical and medical intensive care unit monitoring

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