medical homeopath

medical homeopath,

n a licensed doctor who also practices homeo-pathy. See also lay homeopath, half homeopath, and professional homeopath.
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Dr Kim Jobst, Consultant Physician, Medical Homeopath, Specialist in neurodegeneration and Dementia, Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Medical homeopath Nick Avery says that if you're anxious, hot and agitated and expect disaster to strike, then Argentum nitricum should help (both from pounds 3.
Kim Jobst, a key member of the Neuro Energy medical advisory board, is a Physician, Medical Homeopath and specialist in Neuro degeneration and dementia.
Moira McGuigan, a medical homeopath from Glasgow, prescribes the herbal remedy Apis Mel to combat "worker bee syndrome" and other ailments.
Jobst, DM, MRCP, MFHom, a physician and renowned medical homeopath with a life long interest in healing and integrated healthcare.
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