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With a knowledge of the patient's anatomy and medical history and analysis of the disease's symptoms, the police can work with other specialists in the community to diagnose illnesses, prescribe medication, and evaluate the treatment plan.
Thoroughness in patient interviewing during the medical history is important because patients frequently do not understand the relationship between their medical problems and medications and their overall dental health .
The communities are so interrelated and their members so well known to each other, few can successfully conceal a medical history, she said.
I told him I didn't have any hard feelings about being adopted, and I asked him some questions about my family and their medical history,'' she said.
However, in winding up the next two chapters on what essentially are a medical history of Europe from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment, Professor Hays focuses on Philadelphia, Benjamin Rush, yellow fever, and the Philadelphia medical community to answer the question of "How Complete was Enlightenment?
Many Californians compromise their health because they do not think that disclosing their medical history at the dental office is that important, say officials from the California Dental Hygienists' Association (CDHA), who warn that patients need to provide a full medical history to their oral care provider.
It can store the medical history of up to 8 family members.
The patient had no significant medical history other than the previous hemorrhage, and he was taking no medication.
SeniorWATCH can also record and store medical history information for all of a facility's residents, which can dramatically save on the time it takes for medical personnel to provide the proper treatment to any resident in an emergency.
asked Chiou, who jotted down the woman's medical history.
In the end, he would have us believe, it was "clear why so few have attempted this foolhardy task" (xvi); writing it, he says, "brought home the collective and largely irremediable ignorance of historians about the medical history of mankind" (13).
Meanwhile, Dunkel-Schetter says, "we hope the findings will encourage physicians to weigh emotional stress, as well as medical history, when considering the possibility that a mother will deliver prematurely or have a low-birthweight infant.

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