medical condition

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medical condition

A disease, illness or injury; any physiologic, mental or psychological condition or disorder (e.g., orthopaedic; visual, speech or hearing impairments; cerebral palsy; epilepsy; muscular dystrophy; multiple sclerosis; cancer; coronary artery disease; diabetes; mental retardation; emotional or mental illness; specific learning disabilities; HIV disease; TB; drug addiction; alcoholism). A biological or psychological state which is within the range of normal human variation is not a medical condition. 

Medical condition is a phrase used in documents for physicians applying to licensing agencies (e.g., state medical boards, malpractice insurance carriers, third-party payers, etc.), which is used to determine a physician’s physical “suitability” to practise medicine.

medical condition

A disease, illness, or injury Medical practice Any condition–eg, physiologic, mental, or psychologic conditions or disorders–eg, orthopedic, visual, speech, or hearing impairments, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, CA, CAD, DM, mental retardation, emotional or mental illness, specific learning disabilities, HIV disease, TB, drug addiction, alcoholism

Patient discussion about medical condition

Q. People can’t wake me up- is it a medical condition? When people try to wake me up in the middle of the night I give them a really hard time until I wake up fully. I once eve got into a fight with someone trying to wake me up.

A. We had someone like you in the army. He would just not wake up for his watches. He wasn’t that popular as you presume…then he went to a “sleep lab” and apparently he has some kind of a sleep disorder…so you are fine, you just have to go to sleep earlier if you know you have to wake up early in the morning. You just need 8 hours of sleep and then you won’t have a problem waking up,

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By comparing online car insurance quotes, drivers will be able to find cheap coverage, in spite of their medical condition.
Status Global insurance offers a diverse selection of insurance products available throughout the European Economic Area, and Fit-4-Travel now allows them to offer an invaluable new cover option for travelling clients of any age with medical conditions.
Police believe more drivers with medical conditions which make them unfit to get behind the wheel are failing to tell the authorities.
The institution's program must be designed and administered by qualified professionals for the purposes of treating the dependent's medical condition.
However, if a child's medical condition is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and, although diagnosed by a doctor, the child attends a school for the musically talented--with only a general program to address the challenges of ADHD--chances are the IRS will challenge the tuition's deductibility.
Distinguished the physical and behavioral symptoms of intoxication from other medical conditions
8,301,464 is directed to the CCGroup BullsEye[TM] statistical analysis methodologies and specifically protects CCGroup's MedMarkers[TM] technology, 'which correlates medical care procedures and services to a provider's overall efficiency score and/or medical condition efficiency score.
Bladder or urinary tract diseases accounted for the most common medical condition amongst felines with more than 4,700 claims received at an average cost of $425 per cat.
Doctors say it is difficult at times to draw a line between a medical condition and elective cosmetic surgery.
The administratrix of an inmate's estate filed a [section] 1983 action, alleging that the inmate's death was the result of a city jail's overcrowding and jail officials' deliberate indifference to the inmate's serious medical condition.
They must be accompanied by a medical practitioner's note stating that the person has a specific medical condition and the doctor recommends the OTC drug to treat it and the treatment is not a cosmetic procedure.
IBS is a chronic medical condition that affects an estimated one in five adult Americans and three times as many women as men.

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