mediastinal lipomatosis

me·di·as·ti·nal lip·o·ma·to·sis

increased mediastinal fat caused by taking steroids.
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Mediastinal lipomatosis (ML) is a rare condition caused by excessive fat accumulation in the mediastinum (1).
Mediastinal lipomatosis is a rare complication of systemic steroids and was described by Koerner and Sun (1) in 1966 for the first time.
The diagnosis of mediastinal lipomatosis is generally made by observation of mediastinal enlargement on chest graphy and demonstration of intensity changes related to fat on CT or MR imaging.
Mediastinal lipomatosis secondary to steroid therapy.
Nguyen KQ, Hoeffel C, Le LH, Phan HT Mediastinal lipomatosis.
Spontaneous hemomediastinum complicating steroid-induced mediastinal lipomatosis.
Anesthetic considerations in steroid-induced mediastinal lipomatosis.
Unusual cause of right ventricular outflow tract compression: mediastinal lipomatosis.
In one of our patient mediastinal widening was interpreted as mediastinal lipomatosis and later after bilateral adrenalectomy, he presented with inoperable thymic carcinoid.
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