medial rectus muscle

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me·di·al rec·tus mus·cle

(mē'dē-ăl rek'tŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, medial part of the anulus tendineus communis; insertion, medial part of sclera of the eye; action, adduction; nerve supply, oculomotor.
Synonym(s): musculus rectus medialis [TA] .

medial rectus muscle

Extraocular muscle. Origin: tendinous ring around optic nerve at rear of orbit. Insertion: nasal edge of eyeball in front of its equator. Nerve: oculomotor (CN III). Action: turns eye medially.
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19) performed left medial rectus muscle recession and vertical rectus muscle transposition to the lateral rectus augmented by lateral fixation sutures in a patient with sixth nerve palsy.
Comparison of Jensen's procedure combined with recession of antagonist medial rectus muscle or botulinum toxin injection into antagonist medial rectus muscle: Outcome in a patient with bilateral sixth nevre palsy.
Retrieval of lost medial rectus muscles with a combined ophthalmologic and otolaryngologic surgical approach.
We describe a case in which the carcinoid tumor was metastatic to the medial rectus muscle.
The lamina papyracea was breached with extension into the extraconal compartment of the fight orbit, displacing the medial rectus muscle and eyeball laterally (figure 1, A and B).
Bilateral medial rectus muscle recession and lateral rectus muscle resection in the treatment of congenital esotropia.
The mass had applied pressure on the globe and on the medial rectus muscle, which was thickened.
The muscles most commonly affected by thyroid eye disease are the inferior and medial rectus muscles.
The abducens nucleus, located in the pons, is of central importance in the control of horizontal gaze as it governs conjugate movements of both the ipsilateral lateral rectus and contralateral medial rectus muscles (Fig 3).

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