medial condyle

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me·di·al con·dyle

condyle closest to midline.
Synonym(s): condylus medialis [TA]
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The medial condyle moved anteriorly from extension to 90[degrees] and posteriorly from 90[degrees] to 120[degrees] in both ACL-deficient and normal knees (Figure 4).
The extent of lateral movement of the medial condyle was also comparable between ACL-deficient (3.
The extent of distal movement of the medial condyle in ACL-deficient knees (3.
Exposure of the fracture site by a subvastus approach (3) revealed there was not much comminution of the medial condyle.
To conclude, we believe that a medial condyle Hoffa fracture is extremely rare in children, and the diagnosis can often be missed.
Ritter MA, Eizember LE, Keating EM, et al: The survival of total knee arthroplasty in patients with osteonecrosis of the medial condyle.
At the follow-up, the decrease of osteosclerosis in the medial condyle compared with that of the lateral was more significant in Group B.
Thus, the decrease of the M/L ratio means a decrease of film density in the medial condyle, which may be due to the decrease of osteosclerosis in the medial condyle.

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