medial angle of eye

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me·di·al an·gle of eye

the angle formed by the union of the upper and lower eyelids medially.
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In endoscopic DCR there is no external incision, hence no pathological nasal scar, no injury to medial canthus and orbicularis oculi muscle.
Patient satisfaction survey of appearance of eyelid and contour of the medial canthus revealed high grade [Figure 3]a,[Figure 3]b,[Figure 3]c,[Figure 3]d.
Near the medial canthus, there was ulceration and crusting with the presence of pigmented nodules (Figure 1).
For BCCs, the pre- and postoperative sizes were smallest on the upper eyelids, while the largest tumors were found on the medial canthus.
The upper limit of the flap is inferior to the medial canthus of the eye along the nasolabial junction.
Because it is generally not possible to effectively palpate the anterior lacrimal crest in a case of severe nasal bone fracture, an estimate of its position was made, based on the position of the medial canthus.
Cherry eye is protrusion of gland of third eyelid characterized by glandular exposition at the medial canthus, hyperaemia and increase in gland volume.
Lacrimal sac identified by pressure at the medial canthus and incised vertically using a sickle knife.
We describe a case of synovial sarcoma of the medial canthus, which we discovered during a review of a tumor registry.
2) were presented with history of small pinkish lump structure protruding out at the base of eye at medial canthus.
Conventional dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) involves external approach with skin incision medial to medial canthus of eye, dissection through periosteum on the lateral aspect of the nose,extensive removal of bone at lacrimal fossa and incision of lacrimal sac and nasal mucosa to create a fistula in the nasal cavity.
Gentle probing revealed a patent passage toward the medial canthus of the eye (figure, C).

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