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The superior part of the nasal septum and the interfrontal part of the septum were eroded, and the soft tissue in the area of the right medial canthus and both laminae papyracea was exposed.
We describe a case of synovial sarcoma involving the area of the right medial canthus in a young woman.
8,9) Consequences of inadequate treatment include (1) a gross deformity secondary to an obviously broad and abnormal nasal root with depression, (2) blunting of the medial canthus and the formation of an epicanthal fold, (3) a decrease in the palpebral aperture, and (4) an abnormal anatomic relationship with the lacrimal drainage system, which can result in epiphora.
Anteriorly, the lesion was bulging out in the region of the medial canthus.
The easiest way to identify the opening of the nasolacrimal duct is to put light digital pressure on the lacrimal sac at the medial canthus while simultaneously observing the inferior meatus with the endoscope.
Congenital dacryocystocele is characterized by a bluish-gray cystic swelling just below the medial canthus, which is caused by distention of the nasolacrimal sac.
At the area of the left medial canthus, the mass had eroded the bone and extruded through the skin.
13] He drew an oblique line through the cavity of the maxillary antrum that extended from the medial canthus of the eye to the angle of the mandible when the sinus was viewed in its lateral aspect.

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