medial branches

me·di·al branch·es

branches directed toward the midline, to the middle. Terminologia Anatomica lists medial branches (ramus medialis/rami mediales) of the following: 1) pontine arteries (rami mediales arteriae pontis [TA]); 2) artery of tuber cinereum (ramus medialis arteriae tuberis cinerei [TA]); 3) posterior rami of cervical/thoracic/lumbar/sacral/coccygeal spinal nerves (rami medialis ramorum posteriorum nervorum cervicalium/thoracicalium/lumbalium/sacralium/coccygeum [TA}); 4) umbilical part of left branch of portal vein (rami mediales portis umbilici rami sinistri venae portae hepatis [TA]); 5) left hepatic duct (ramus medialis ductus hepatici sinistri [TA]); 6) middle lobar artery (of right lung) (ramus medialis arteriae lobaris mediae (pulmonis dextrum) [TA]); 7) superior cerebellar artery (ramus medialis arteriae superior cerebelli [TA]); 8) supraorbital nerve (ramus medialis nervi supraorbitalis [TA]).
Synonym(s): rami mediales [TA]
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The medial branches of the lower thoracic sympathetic ganglia; the greater and lesser splanchnic nerves, enter the abdomen by piercing the diaphragmatic crura and finally relay in the celiac ganglia and contribute in the formation of celiac plexus.
15) Anterior interosseous nerve syndrome (AINS) would be of complete type when the entire of AIN passes posterior underneath the AHFPL belly causing weakness of all the three muscles supplied by it and incomplete type of AINS is likely to occur when only the medial branches of AIN to the FDP which passes beneath the muscle belly is compressed.
Each facet is innervated by the medial branches of the posterior rami of the spinal nerves above and below the joint.
However, the medial branches of the dorsal rami are mixed nerves that also independently and segmentally innervate the lumbar multifidus muscles [30].
The lateral branches arise dorsally to the medial branches of the testicles in 56.

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