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As can be seen from the x-ray studies performed postoperatively, we modified standard myocutaneous flap construction techniques by incising the medial border of the fifth digit to the periosteum, which was then mobilised to the superior / inferior surface of the fifth phalanxes, with the bone remaining in-situ (Figure 1).
With progressive MTP subluxation, a groove (sagittal sulcus) develops at the medial border of the MT articular surface.
There was a large longitudinal tear in the medial retinaculum (Figure 3) with avulsion of attachments from medial border of patella.
1] The uncinate process forms the medial border of the ethmoid infundibulum, so changes in its mucosal surface can herald the presence of inflammatory disease there, particularly at sites of contact between the uncinate process and the middle turbinate or ethmoid bulla.
The MPFL is identified confluent with the deep fascia of the VMO and can be demonstrated, usually, to have a direct connection to the superior medial border of the patella.
The middle third (in the sagittal plane) of the lateral border and the posterior third of the medial border of the talar dome are the common locations.
In the upper lateral corner the common peroneal nerve passes close to the medial border of biceps femoris.
Rafferty (1997) has shown that cortical thickening on the medial border of the femur is directly related to the loading of the hip in bipedal walking, and this makes it the most diagnostic bipedal feature.
With the patient relaxed, a lateral force is applied to the medial border of the patella.
The rhomboids normally elevate and adduct the medial border of the scapula (they are antagonists of the serratus anterior) and, along with the levator scapula, rotate the scapula so that the inferior angle moves medially (2).
Both the AP and Skyline views will show the displacement and the latter may reveal a bony avulsion from the medial border of the patella, or an osteochondral injury of the crest of the patella or femoral condyle.
On the anteroposterior view, tibiofibular clear space is the horizontal distance measured from the lateral border of the posterior tibial malleolus to the medial border of the fibula.

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