A strip of gauze or other material used as a tent or drain.
[Fr. wick]
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L'historien, qui a evoque les difficultes d'acces aux archives historiques que ce soit en Algerie ou en France, a estime que la meche allume le 1er novembre 1954 etait necessaire pour debloquer la situation, mais que c'est surtout l'action diplomatique qui a reellement enclenche le processus menant a l'independance.
James E 'Ted' Bassett III (pictured) 94 president/chairman of the Keeneland Association 1970-91; Mary Lou Wootton 82 breeder of Silver Charm; Michael Trombetta 49 trainer of Sweetnorthernsaint & Next Question; Henry Cole 75 owner-breeder-trainer of Just So & Dubacilla; Andre Pommier 65 rider of King's Road & Nupsala; Lonnie Meche 41 rider of Blushing KD & Outofthebox; Donnie Meche 41 rider of Cashier's Dream & Lady Tak; Fergus King 36 rider of Diamond Sal & Roman Ark; Tim Hely-Hutchinson 62 owner of White Sea; Bill Paton-Smith 74 former Jockey Club handicapper; Mark Cranham 54 racecourse photographer Please notify birthday greetings to us at least one week before publication
Prior to the awards, several finalists also received complimentary Redken Shades EQ Gloss appointments with Redken celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham at Meche to help them look their best on stage.
Drawn to Sebastian and Daniela, outsiders for their own reasons, Meche and her friends embrace the music--and the magic--that they think might just change their lives.
While Cre8 did seek to emulate Arrojo's open-concept spaces as he suggested, celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham's Meche Salon in Beverly Hills, with its use of texture, elegant colors and natural wood, provided inspiration for Cre8's warm palate of finishes and decor.
According to Kirk Meche, Gulf Island president,"Gulf Island has been associated with many projects that are first of a kind and while these structures are traditional in nature, the project is the first offshore wind project for the U.
Amazon India managing director ( MD) Amit Agarwal and vice- president for international public policy Monique Meche met Prasad on Friday.
Kari currently works out of the famed Meche Salon in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA.
2003 -- Gil Meche gave up one run on three hits in six innings as Seattle beat Baltimore 13-1.
Les Provencaux ont allume la premiere meche sur un decalage en aveugle de Leroy pour Leandro, la premiere des prouesses de l'ex-retraite (5e).
Roshni Meche, vice president of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, which organized Tuesday's protest, said the local authorities pulled down the statue and took it away.
The comedians find themselves in the swamps of Louisiana, where their Cajun guide Jodi Meche is about to take them on a late-night bullfrog hunt.