mechanical efficiency

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me·chan·i·cal ef·fi·ci·en·cy

(mĕ-kan'i-kăl ē-fish'ĕn-sē)
The ratio of work output to work input, expressed as a percentage.
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For example, because the combined motor and mechanical efficiency can be estimated with reasonable accuracy and is expected to have a large impact on the results, it was only varied by [+ or -]15%, whereas the heat transfer coefficient, which can be predicted with less confidence, was varied by [+ or -]50%.
is a clean-tech company dedicated to reducing energy consumption and improving the mechanical efficiency of reciprocating piston devices, particularly engines and compressors.
is dedicated to reducing energy and resource consumption by improving the mechanical efficiency of reciprocating piston devices, particularly engines, pumps and compressors.
Subjects performing high intensity 30 km time trials demonstrated sustained increases in muscle power output and whole body gross mechanical efficiency, thereby completing the trial in a significantly faster time.
As with the DualTronic(TM) system, the compact clutch module for the SRV offers high efficiency through low parasitic losses, high mechanical efficiency and low rotating inertia.
Together, RCR and SKF will work toward total mechanical efficiency to improve machines on the racetrack and on today's highways around the world.
Lower number of rotating parts translates to reduced parasitic drag, which leads to further improved mechanical efficiency.
The nanofiber-based technology offers enhanced mechanical efficiency, low pressure drop and excellent dirt holding capacity, making it the ideal solution for companies in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) or other industries reliant on high efficiency filtration media.
This compares favourably with other solutions, particularly rotary pitot-type tube pumps which typically operate at less than 40percent mechanical efficiency and must run at very high speeds between 4,500 and 5,500rpm just to achieve 60bar.
This achievement has been made possible through the development of two-stage turbocharging technology enabling the adaptation of a high Miller cycle, the development of elemental technologies for a high power ratio to raise mechanical efficiency, and the achievement of high power generation efficiency.
Considered the world's first 40” portable mild hyperbaric chamber, the Grand Dive from Summit to Sea, sets the standards for superior performance and mechanical efficiency within the industry.
The exclusive co-axial escapement was the first practical new watch escapement to be invented in some 250 years and its advantages - reduced sliding friction, greater mechanical efficiency, more stable precision and improved shock resistance - have caused the entire watch industry to take notice.

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