measured intelligence

mea·sured in·tel·li·gence

that intelligence which can be ranked relative to an age or peer group quantitative index by use of scores on intelligence tests.
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In the study, "Perceived Intelligence Is Associated with Measured Intelligence in Men but Not Women" (Plos One), women deemed attractive were thought to be brighter.
nurture factors in measured intelligence, and the purpose of educational assessment within the context of current legislation.
While "Cognitive Evolution" does not support Nobel Laureate James Watson's recent scientific pronouncement that a "racially differentiating gene" for intelligence will be discovered, the treatise suggests that current public policy prohibiting debate of measured intelligence indicia is flawed, debilitating and stultifying.
These conditions included the relationship between measured intelligence to observable physiological correlates, variability in basic mental processing mechanisms such as reaction time, the ability to learn and remember, and the complexity of a person's cognitive functioning, among others.
The investigators defined high-quality studies as those that sufficiently defined breast-feeding, followed full-term infants longitudinally, controlled for socioeconomic status and child stimulation, reported an interpretation of the breast-feeding effect between groups, and measured intelligence by age 2 or later with a standardized instrument by blinded observers.
The cohort members were classified jointly by measured intelligence quotient, type of school (i.
The measured intelligence quotient must be at least 80 because, by definition, people with learning disabilities have at least average intelligence.
Their children, aged 7-9 years, took a series of psychological tests that measured intelligence, attention, language, and fine motor skills--attributes associated with early gestational development.