measured intelligence

mea·sured in·tel·li·gence

that intelligence which can be ranked relative to an age or peer group quantitative index by use of scores on intelligence tests.
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She has found that a student's self-control predicts report-card grades better than measured intelligence.
In fact, the Chinese continue research on enhancing natural intelligence through manipulating the genome with the goal of a 20 percent increase in brain function and measured intelligence.
It always struck me, even as a young boy in the North East, that the issue of equality was much more about why working class children generally attained less (in terms of examinations) than middle class children of similar measured intelligence.
The findings of the current study provide baseline information if facial traits can be associated with measured intelligence.
The moody, measured intelligence and exceptional skill with actors long evinced by filmmakers Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden ("Half Nelson," "Sugar") once again serves them well in "Mississippi Grind," a bittersweet, beautifully textured road movie that plays like a conscious throwback to the lost souls and open highways of 1970s American cinema.
In the study, "Perceived Intelligence Is Associated with Measured Intelligence in Men but Not Women" (Plos One), women deemed attractive were thought to be brighter.
This provided partial support for Hypothesis 2 in that although Blacks and Whites perceived the test similarly in terms of the extent to which it measured intelligence (Hypothesis 2a), Blacks perceived the test as a measure of knowledge to a greater extent than Whites (Hypothesis 2b).
nurture factors in measured intelligence, and the purpose of educational assessment within the context of current legislation.
Measured intelligence, achievement, openness to experience, and and creativity.
9% responded "yes"), and (c) if they thought intelligence tests measured intelligence fairly well (55% responded "yes").
This study examines both in the same population as well as the relationship between both self-estimated personality and measured intelligence and assessed personality and estimated intelligence.