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Isolation of measles virus at autopsy in cases of giant-cell pneumonia without rash.
The fact that all of the surgical medulloblastoma specimens that we examined expressed the measles virus receptor leads us to believe that measles virus may have some advantages over other viruses," said Dr.
The measles virus may quietly station itself in the gut early in life and not cause symptoms of Crohn's until after people mature and their immune systems change, says report coauthor Matthew M.
There are no reports of transmission of the more attenuated Ender's Edmonston strain of measles virus or the Jeryl Lynn(TM) strain of mumps virus from vaccine recipients to susceptible contacts.
Measles virus vaccination is not mandatory, and some groups within the German population do not comply with official vaccination recommendations (9) because of philosophical or religious beliefs or fear of adverse effects (10).
Measles, mumps, and rubella are three common childhood diseases, caused by measles virus, mumps virus (paramyxoviruses), and rubella virus (togavirus), respectively, that may be associated with serious complications and/or death.
Phylogenic analysis determined that the measles virus genotypes from these 8 outbreaks fell into 6 clades (Figure 2).
This occurs when the measles virus incubates within the brain, and develops some years following measles infection.
While measles have been virtually eliminated in America, should a child carry the measles virus from another country to Cleveland, the low rate of immunizations in Northeast Ohio (81% in the suburbs and 53% in the City of Cleveland according to the Ohio Department of Health) could allow measles to spread very quickly among the pre-school population.
SCIENTISTS have said they have found a possible link between the measles virus and a new form of bowel disease and autism.
Dr Andrew Wakefield had been researching the theory that the measles virus from the triple vaccine could cause bowel disease leading to autism.
Measles virus infection of thymic epithelium in the SCID-hu mouse leads to thymocyte apoptosis.

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