measles vaccine

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measles vaccine

A single vaccine (Edmonston-Zagreb type) for measles, which is more immunogenic than the Schwarz vaccine. In high-risk countries, the E-Z vaccine can be given as early as 4.5 months of age.


1. a highly contagious disease of humans characterized by a maculopapular skin rash and caused by a morbillivirus; called also rubeola.
2. a term used in veterinary science to identify animal diseases that have a speckled appearance thought to resemble the skin rash of measles in humans. The resemblance in most diseases is superficial and highly speculative.

beef measles
see cysticercusbovis.
pork measles
see cysticercuscellulosae.
sheep measles
see cysticercusovis.
measles vaccine
a preparation containing attenuated human measles virus that is used to immunize dogs against canine distemper virus, based on the close antigenic relationship between the two viruses. It is only administered to young puppies, in which the persistence of maternal antibodies against canine distemper virus is likely to interfere with an immune response to canine distemper vaccine. It must always be followed by the administration of canine distemper vaccine by 4 months of age.
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8% had received [greater than or equal to]1 doses of measles vaccine.
He further called on parents and families to cooperate with healthcare workers in the campaign, asserting the safety and effectiveness of measles vaccines.
However, the VAERS database reveals a markedly different history of the measles vaccine.
DTP vaccinations had been administered after the measles vaccine, canceling out the beneficial nonspecific effects that should have been seen.
Likewise, there has been 40 per cent increase in the demand for measles vaccine since the health officials sent out a fresh warning over immunisation.
Measles cases in the UK rose when the Government withdrew the importation licence for the single measles vaccine leaving concerned parents with no choice," he said.
In 2009, the South African Department of Health (DoH) estimated national coverage with routine measles vaccine to be 99%, but the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) coverage estimates were only 65%.
Thanks to a highly effective measles vaccine and widespread immunization, the ongoing transmission of endemic measles was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000.
The Institute of Medicine review found convincing evidence of 14 already known side effects linked to various vaccines, such as allergic reactions and fever-triggered seizures from the measles vaccine.
A health official said the children were administered vitamin A drops along with the measles vaccine.
6 -- Health department district Swabi has started to administer anti malaria, cholera and measles vaccine in flood hit areas due to outbreak of these diseases in these areas.

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