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Here are three questions for readers of this journal to ponder: (a) How many examples of English pseudo-plurals are there, in addition to BENDS, BLUES, CHECKERS, CRAPS, HIVES, MEASLES, MECHANICS and PHYSICS?
Measles virus (MV) is an extremely contagious agent inducing acute illness (16), belongs to the genus morbillivirus within the family Paramyxoviridae with a non segmented single-stranded RNA molecule of negative sense (17).
Measles virus (Edmonston strain, kindly provided by Prof.
With the warlocks desperate to get their hands on her and her power, Toby Jugg hides Measle and Matilda in his castle to protect them.
His writing has been translated into more than a dozen languages and now there is going to be a film version of Measle And The Wrathmonk.
He hates Measle and the feeling is pretty much mutual.
Measle and the Wrathmonk is a fantastic adventure story of magic, trains and Manolo Blahniks.
Liz Cross, Children's Publisher at Oxford was delighted with the news "I've always imagined Measle as a film in my head so it's fabulous that it's going to happen for real.
V0603308 BTB Dengue ([dagger]) V0603310 BTB Dengue V0705309 SRP Encephalitis ([double dagger]) V0719309 SRP Encephalitis V0719310 KTH Encephalitis V1005304 KCH Dengue V1024306 PVH Measles ([section]) V1024307 PVH Measles V1024308 PVH Measles V1024309 PVH Measles V1024310 PVH Measles V1024311 PVH Measles V1024312 PVH Measles V1024313 PVH Measles V1024314 PVH Measles V1214306 PVH Dengue V1214307 PVH Dengue V1214308 PVH Dengue V1214309 PVH Dengue V1214310 PVH Dengue V1214311 PVH Dengue V1214312 PVH Dengue V1214333 PVH Dengue V1207304 KAN Dengue IgM-capture ELISA Patient 1st 2nd no.
PARENTS have been panicked after receiving letters that mistakenly told them their children were not protected from a measles outbreak.
They were dispatched in an urgent bid to stem the region's largest measles epidemic in almost 20 years.
The example of parents refusing to have their children immunised with the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine following negative media reporting will be discussed.