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Boxes have to be ticked and targets reached no matter have meaningless they might be to pupils.
The clubs in the play-off spots will be disappointed but whether it happens this season or next, there would be games left meaningless.
The letter is incomprehensible and full of meaningless jargon.
But totally meaningless when patients are in pain because they cannot get on to waiting lists in the first place.
So understand that it's all meaningless and that Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector is more awesome than the majority of the nominees.
She seeks to find relief from pain with meaningless sexual encounters.
I don't stop anyone playing for their country and I welcome my players being called up by their national teams, but I really do object to the fact that they didn't play who they said they were going to play, and it is two meaningless friendlies.
They then purposely build nonsensical handrail horrors and meaningless mound monstrosities.
Bishop Nasir told the president: "It is not possible for me to carry the burden of my limited, crippled and meaningless citizenship of your Pakistan.
Whitehead uses a small town called Winthrop and a pompous lead character to remind contemporaries of the ridiculous lengths to which our culture will go to protect tradition, names and titles that are meaningless.
Inclusive of a format consisting of twenty-one "no-fail" steps with which readers might use to create a greater and more purposed self-identity, Everything Is Meaningless provides readers with a great wealth of creative and progressive ways to find themselves and in the process acquire both meaning and meaningful happiness.
If they are included, the players will have to decide whether to play two meaningless friendlies for Celtic or fly halfway around the world and play in two meaningless international kickabouts.