mean cell volume

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mean cell volume (MCV)

average volume of each red cell, computed as the ratio of hematocrit to the red blood cells count. The MCV reference interval is 80 to 100 fL.

mean cell volume

; MCV mean erythrocyte volume; calculated from the haematocrit and red cell count
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A1131 healthy individuals had normal erythrocyte counts, hemoglobin, mean cell volumes, and creatinine concentrations, as summarized in Table 1.
Blood was collected into tubes without anticoagulants for measurement of P-MMA and plasma creatinine, into heparin fluoride-containing tubes for measurement of P-tHcy, and into EDTA-containing tubes for measurement of plasma cobalamins, blood hemoglobin, erythrocyte mean cell volume, erythrocyte folate, platelet count, and white cell count.
8 mmol/L for males; for erythrocyte mean cell volume, the reference interval was 85-100 fL.
The mean cell volume was >97 fL in 13 (19%) and 8 (11%) participants in the treatment and placebo groups, respectively.
The change in blood hemoglobin and mean cell volume did not differ between the treatment and placebo groups (Table 2).
The specimen comes to your lab and is processed in the normal fashion -- automated CBC and indices, including the mean cell volume (MCV) and red cell distribution width (RDW).
The Hb was 88 g/L [reference interval (RI), 110-160 g/L], mean cell volume was 83.

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