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Comparison of average daily temperature ([degrees]C) and average daily rainfall (mm) with mean abundance of total Diaphania hyalinata larvae during the 4 cropping seasons (26 May-30 Dec 2014) of yellow squash.
Prevalence was calculated as the percentage of infected fish in the sample, mean abundance as the mean number of parasites per fish examined, and the mean intensity as the mean number of parasites per infected fish (Rozsa et al.
For distribution pattern, we used the indices which were the simplest indices based on variance (S2), mean abundance (x) and mean crowding (m) of abundance per quadrat.
The mean abundance estimate was greatest at the clearcut site with 211 salamanders ([+ or -] SE = 18.
Prevalence (P), mean abundance (MA) and mean intensity (MI) indexes were calculated for hosts, areas, seasons and sexes, according to Bush et al.
In addition, for each flatfish species, Multiple Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) was applied to test for the effects of season and sampling area on the mean TL and mean abundance of individuals per trawl haul.
256) between mean abundance of herbivorous and ants on plant with ants.
In Virginia, there was no effect of habitat type or its interaction with season on the mean abundance of crustaceans, but there was a significant effect of season, with summer having greater abundances than either spring or fall (Table 2).
The mean abundance of woodcocks during November, December, January and February was 4.
0001), with two peaks: the first one in November 2010, that reached a mean abundance of 37 640 [+ or -] 44 293 ind.
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