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power of attorney



A legal document by which a person identifies someone to make financial decisions if he or she is unable to perform this task independently.
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genus of grasses in family Poaceae. Contains many very productive fodder grasses including the bluegrasses, e.g. Canadian, Kentucky.

Poa aquatica
Poa hueca
South American grass; contains an indole alkaloid which causes incoordination and convulsions.
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Timothy grass is an important grass plant from the timothy grass genus (Phleum) of the meadow grass family (Poaceae).
Also known as Lady in the Bath, Dicentra spectabilis, left, is in full flower before the meadow grass can encompass it.
Watering should be done sparingly, to keep the turf alive in its natural state, which, in turn, should provide a safe racing surface, although it could already be too late for some tracks, as the old, natural, hardy turf cushion that has been around for decades has been taken over by the weaker, water-loving meadow grass types.
Other types include Downland turf and Parkland turf - both superior to meadow grass .
SITTING at my desk the delicate fragrance of the rambling Rosa 'Albertine', a cocktail of freshly cut meadow grass and tinned pineapple, streams in through an open window.
Lush bedding, a rug, and artwork in subdued natural hues echo the surroundings, such as pale green meadow grass and a lavender-blue High Sierra sunset.
In a front yard in west Toluca Lake, what was once a lawn has been transformed by duBois into a greensward of California meadow grass.
Their family ties with invasive weeds such as couch-grass and meadow grass put me off - and my initial dislike of pink pampas-grass (cortaderia selloana).
Tournament director Ian Randell said: "The trouble is, the greens have meadow grass growing through them and every year they are given the same treatment to kill it off.
The brown snake inched his way through the meadow grass.
Introduction-stalk meadow grass vegetation and low.
Contractors are hard at work this week skimming off the top layer of the playing surface to get rid of meadow grass and lay the foundations for another season of wear and tear.