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power of attorney



A legal document by which a person identifies someone to make financial decisions if he or she is unable to perform this task independently.
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genus of grasses in family Poaceae. Contains many very productive fodder grasses including the bluegrasses, e.g. Canadian, Kentucky.

Poa aquatica
Poa hueca
South American grass; contains an indole alkaloid which causes incoordination and convulsions.
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Ours is the best from Holstein cattle fed on meadow grass.
Despite the best efforts of head groundsman Martin Kelly, the persistent problem is down to a high percentage of meadow grass on the pitch this winter.
Consequently, avoid meadow grass which although cheaper only stores up problems for the future.
The building is now open daily, its aisle being replanted with wild meadow grass, and with eventual plans to re-open the lofty tower.
Turfing: Make sure you buy good quality turf, not meadow grass which may have all sorts of weeds growing in it.
DIG out perennial weeds such as dandelions, daisies and patches of annual meadow grass and re-seed.
No Mow'' grows up to a foot tall and creates a meadow grass look, despite its moderate water requirement.
Next season's One 2 One British Masters has been moved from Collingtree to a venue to be named after stars threatened to walk out this year after greens were hit by annual meadow grass decline.
annual meadow grass, Poa annua, seems to be growing out of every nook and cranny and, if the mild weather continues, is likely to flower and set seed before Christmas.
Oralair(R) Grasses contains a mix of five standardised grass allergens, mimicking patients' natural exposure: perennial rye grass (Lolium perenne), meadow grass (Poa pratensis), timothy grass (Phleum pratense), cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata) and sweet vernal grass (Anthoxanthum odoratum).
Collecting clippings discourages earthworms and lessens the spread of annual meadow grass speed and other weeds such as speedwells.
Unfortunately lots of lawns are full of annual meadow grass which is the first plant to die in a lawn under stress.