maximum allowance

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maximum allowance,

n as specified in a fee schedule or table of allowances, the maximum dollar amount a dental plan will pay toward the cost of a dental service.
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We remind councils of the need to have proper processes in place whereby councillors who incur expenses for the care of dependents are required to certify the expense which has been incurred before they are able to claim up to the maximum allowance.
came in at 67th, primarily because these rankings are based on national maximum allowance standards; U.
A maximum allowance would be set by a permanent independent panel being set up to decide on payments to Welsh councillors in the future.
For parents intending to top up the CTF account with the maximum allowance of pounds 100 a month, if they delay investing by even six months, their child could miss out on more than pounds 1,500 when they reach 18.
The tax treatment of dividends may be worse in some cases than at the outset of ISAs but the income is still tax free for higher rate payers, gains are still free of capital gains tax and at least the Chancellor has not reduced maximum allowance entitlements after all.
During the tests to determine Smart Sponge's ability to retain oil, the fully absorbed Smart Sponges were flushed with water for 10 minutes and produced a "leachate" level well below the state's maximum allowance.
Over the past five years, the Leyton and Wanstead MP was able to claim the maximum allowance of pounds 104,701 on his constituency home 70 miles away in east London.
Short-term policies usually provide a maximum allowance of two million dollars coverage, and as with permanent health insurance plans, there are a number of deductibles to choose from.
June 7: Ladies Am Am Open Competition (teams of four, best two nett scores at each hole to count) Handicap limit: 32 (players with handicaps of 36 or less may apply but the maximum allowance is 32) Entrance fee: pounds 50 per team (Please note that no more than two Eaton Lady members are allowed in each team)
The former borough councillor picked up a total of pounds 145,314 between April 2005 and March 2006 - including the maximum allowance available to cover the costs of staying away from home, pounds 21,634.
9 units, versus the maximum allowance of two to three.
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