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Whereas the prognosis for patients with mature teratomas after excision is good, patients with malignant transformation experience recurrence rates ranging from 59 to 86%.
B) Microscopic appearance of the testicular carcinoid tumor with typical rosette formation (white arrow) and mature teratoma (black arrow) (hematoxylin and eosin stain x 100).
In most SGCTs in adults with adequate descriptions or illustrations, the histology of the germ cell component is that of a mature teratoma, which is benign, if it is pure.
Incomplete resection of a neonatal, mature teratoma has been reported to recur in adulthood as adenocarcinoma.
Until now, the occurrence of a mature teratoma appearing as an asymptomatic anterior nasal mass has not been reported in the literature.
If the histology in the resected residual retroperitoneal masses shows mature teratoma, resection of the remaining non-retroperitoneal masses should be done.
1-4) Patients with mature teratoma of the cecum had a wide age range at the time of presentation (1-53 years) and a mean age of 25 years.
Sixty to seventy percent of these tumours comprise of mature teratomas.
Mature teratomas generate all three primary embryonic cell types as well as more advanced cells and tissues, including partial limb and organ primordia--sometimes even hair, fingernails, and fully formed teeth.
59,60) Malignant transformation occurs in about 2% of mature teratomas.
Three of the cysts were mature teratomas, two were mucinous cystadenomas, and one cyst was a serious cystadenoma.
Several scrotal masses, clinically present with calcifications, include mature teratomas, gonadoblastomas, calcifying clear cell Sertoli tumours, testicular microlithiasis, testicular torsion followed by hemorrhagic infarction, and metastatic neuroblastomas.