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The flowers of Matricaria chamomilla (family Compositae); used internally as a tonic and externally as a counterirritant.
See also: chamomile.
[L. matrix, womb]
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In conclusion, it seems that the high concentration of hydroalcoholic extract of Matricaria can inhibit cell proliferation and also decrease the estradiol level.
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of oral Matricaria recutita (chamomile) extract therapy for generalized anxiety disorder.
Three of our investment professionals in Tampa have received this major recognition from the firm, which is an honor, says Matricaria.
Package intact (10 cm width x 15 cm length) (verse) of Matricaria recutita (Asteraceae) (source: second author).
Fructose is present in appreciable quantity in Matricaria chamomella while Althaea officinalis has the highest amount of sucrose among the plants under study.
Asi por ejemplo, La Matricaria publica en sus numeros 11, 12 y 13 del mes de agosto de 1855 una novela de folletin llamada "Napoleon no ha existido", escrita el mismo Madiedo bajo el seudonimo de Marco, la descripcion de los personajes que aparecen en la narracion se ubican geografica e historicamente con filiacion y nombres propios.
69%--cyclopentane 40% root (12) officinalis dry sesquiterpenes ethanol extract (12) 20 Roman Matricaria 1.
2008) Presence of Clostridium botulinum spores in Matricaria chamomilla (chamomile) and its relationship with infant botulism.
Each mask is pre-cut and pre-moistened with a mix of Sea Weed Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Bamboo Extract, Matricaria Extract to moisturize skin and boost its radiance.
MYR Epazote Chenopodium ambrosioides CHE Estafiate Artemisa sp AST Floripondio rosado Brugmansia candida SOL Floripondio Brugmansia candida SOL Framboyan Delonix regia LEG Geranios Pelargonium hortorum GER Granadal Punica granatum PUN Guayabal Psidium guajava MYR Hierba buena Mentha sativa LAM Hierba maestra Artemisa absinthium AST Hierva santa Piper sanctum PIP Higuerilla Ricinus communis EUP Huamuchil Pithecellobium dulce LEG Jacaranda Jacaranda mimosifolia BIG Laurel de la india Ficus retusa MOR Limonar Citrus aurantifolium RUT Maguey Agave sp AGA Mango Mangifera indica ANA Manzanilla Matricaria chamomilla AST Maracuya Passiflora edulis PAS Nanche roja Malphigia mexicana MALP Naranjal Citrus aurantium var.
Phytochrome- mediated photocontrol of the germination of the Scentless Mayweed, Matricaria inodora L.