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It could be a way for them to show their rank or it may simply be an alternative mating strategy in terms of transferring to a new group to gain mating opportunities," says Walker-Bolton, who also served as a consultant on the IMAX film Island of Lemurs Madagascar.
Apparently the male horned dung beetle evolved its super strength as a mating strategy - which conjures up several bizarre images.
The findings suggested that this mating strategy has a long history in primates, including humans, and may be widespread across social mammals--especially when males of a species are typically larger than females.
This short-term mating strategy highlights shifts in preferences that highlight increased genetic fitness.
In other words, by the time a buck is 2 1/2 years old, his mating strategy is similar to the more mature bucks.
Joy travels to New Zealand to uncover the dusky dolphins' mating strategy, while Mark travels to Mexico to find out why whales swim so far to mate.
DOLPHINS: BORN IN THE WILD Channel 4, 8pm Joy Reidenberg heads to New Zealand to uncover the mating strategy of dusky dolphins, and shows how marine mammals such as the harbour porpoise have evolved to reproduce in the ocean.
As part of their cow mating strategy, the Joneses use sexed semen.
2010), cooperative breeding is an alternative mating strategy for golden-cheeked warblers.
Bernard also shows interest in long-term commitment, a mating strategy definitively discouraged by his culture but activated in him, presumably, by his poor success rate with short-term tactics.
In CD, like CY and CL, the same mating strategy has been in place since 2004, and the corresponding inbreeding was also observed to decrease (Figure 5).