mathematical model

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math·e·mat·i·cal mod·el

representation of a system, process, or relationship in mathematical form, using equations to simulate the behavior of the system or process under study.

mathematical model

A formal framework for conveying ideas about the components of a host-parasite interaction. Construction of an MM requires three major components: a clear understanding of the interaction between the pathogen and the host; information about the mode and rate of transmission between individuals; and host population characteristics, such as demographics and behaviour. MMs can be used to analyse the system’s behaviour under various conditions, and identify the dominant factors generating observed patterns and phenomena. MMs also aid data collection and interpretation and parameter estimation; they provide tools for identifying approaches to control, and for assessing the potential impact of different intervention measures.

A collection of mathematical formulas used to characterise a relationship or process, e.g., in environmental dose reconstruction projects to simulate travel of radionuclides released from weapons facilities through the environment and taken up by the body, which can be used to estimate the health risks caused by said exposures.


a simulation, a copy, occurring naturally or manufactured. Models used in statistical and epidemiological studies may be deterministic, stochastic or random.

model 1
the fixed version of the linear additive model used in linear regression analysis.
model 2
the random version of the linear additive model used in linear regression analysis.
animal model
any condition in an animal that has enough similarities to a condition in humans that studies of the animal disease are will assist in understanding the human disorder.
causal model
a model used to determine the part played by multiple factors in the cause or causes of disease; a path model in which the variables are arranged temporally.
descriptive model
consist largely of diagrams and maps or charts designed to describe a real-world system.
deterministic model
see epidemiological model (below).
epidemiological model
a mathematical model, which may be a computer simulation model, of a disease for the purpose of studying the behavior of the disease in a variable animal population under variable conditions of climate, density of population, mix of population, and so on. It may be an analytical model, an economic decision making model, an explanatory model or a predictive model. It may also be a causal model, which allows the operator to vary the determinants of prevalence and observe the respective outcomes. It may permit only the use of fixed numbers so that it will always return the same answer to the same question, in which case it is a deterministic model, or it may introduce the element of chance into the selection of outcomes, in which case it is a stochastic model.
Specific computer simulation models have been prepared for the study of rinderpest, the costs of mastitis control, the cost-benefits of foot-and-mouth disease control, and the costs of mortality in dairy calves. For example see reed-frost model.
linear programming model
a statistical model of a dependent variable, e.g. Y, as a linear combination of other variables, e.g. X. The model is based on a series of linear equations with a linear equation, called the objective function, as the desired end. Such an end could, in the determination of lowest cost rations, be the total cost of each ration.
mathematical model
a representation of a system, process or relationship in a mathematical form; see also mathematical modeling.
physical model
e.g. a model of a molecule utilizing colored balls connected by rigid wires.
probabilistic model
includes basic concepts of probability theory and may be deterministic or stochastic.
Reed-Frost model
a deterministic probability model of a theoretical epidemic.
stochastic model
see epidemiological model.
symbolic model
mathematical symbols used to describe the status of variables at a given time and to define the manner in which they change and interact.
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This paper has explained two methods of forming mathematical model of a heat and power plant which produces heat and electric energy in order to optimize its operation.
Preliminary results of mathematical models that incorporate naturally acquired immunity to carriage suggest that the expected effects of vaccination on the serotype composition of the population may be different from those expected under the models described here.
The mathematical model of the eroded material volume control will form the base of calculating the modelling of the resulted shape of the surface.
part is played by mathematical models whose value is given by the
Coming now to the mathematical knowledge that a mathematical model carries, this knowledge is not limited to the mathematical theories where the derivation step takes place, (such knowledge can be categorized as pure mathematics knowledge), but this mathematical knowledge extends to the applications within these theories (particularizations), the final applications in terms of the initial physical system (interpretations), which can then be categorized as applied mathematics knowledge.
7 indicate that developed mathematical model of two-way bellow actuator possess required accuracy with amplitude error of 1%, phase error--3%.
Three cases have been considered in analysis and consistency of the mathematical model and its solution with suitable boundary conditions and different slopes of impervious incline boundary.
A goal of this article is to develop an idealized mathematical model of the linear electromagnetic motor and calculate transitional processes of the mathematical model for the current, speed, secondary element (SE) position, and traction forces, using obtained dependencies of the inductance and traction forces on the SE position.
Mathematical models are needed to understand how to design effective measurement systems, and to analyze the results they produce.
for Conceptual Solution Ilok Water Supply System To The Development Of A Detailed Mathematical Model Of The Current And Future State Of Developmentand#013;and#013;Invitation to tender: Conceptual Solution Ilok Water Supply System To The Development Of A Detailed Mathematical Model Of The Current And Future State Of Development
For motion control of membranate actuator it is necessary to know not only mathematical model of such element, but also mathematical model of a pneumatic valve.
The obtained expressions (5) and (6) are the mathematical model for EDF on the basis of sliding discrete complex Fourier transformation with the feature of shifting the PFRC to [pi]/2.

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